Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Come and Meet Emily, Chloe, Bob & Dani

Baby Emily Elephant

I am Emily a little elephant who would like to find that perfect person/s to adopt 
and give me a new home. I am smart and like to learn new tricks. 
Both my trunk and legs can be posed.
I also wouldn't mind traveling with you in your purse or pack.

Chloe the Pink Piggy

 Hello there… I am Chloe and I am a very clean and happy piggy. 
I would love for the right person/s to adopt and take me home.

Pirate Bear Bob

Aaarrrr mateys…. 

I’m Bob the Pirate Bear. I’m cute friendly and don’t let it get around, 
but I’m pretty loveable too. Bob is looking for a new crew to adopt him
He is a compact size at only 8 inches high and likes to travel, spend time at the beach, 
on the ocean or any large body of water really.

Dani Donkey

 This cute little girl is Dani Donkey. She is looking for a loving person/s 
to be adopted by. A country girl at heart she is stands a compact 8 inches high
and could fit easily in a quiet corner to watch quietly over your activities
such as reading or crochet. But she is not opposed to tagging along in a purse 
or pack to follow you on any adventures you might be going on.