Saturday, May 21, 2011

National Teddy Bear Day - Meet Techie Teddy

     Everyone meet the newest addition to the A.O. family. His name is Techie Teddy and I though what better day to introduce him to all than National Teddy Bear Day.
     Techie loves all kinds of technological things. One of his favorite ways to spend time is sitting at the keyboard in front of the computer as you can see above. Some of the sites he likes to spend time on are checking out all the cool, nerdie gadgets at and along with learning new computer tips from (after of course checking out what his fellow ami's are up to at the favorite links on A.O. ).

     Techie has also just recently gotten into photography too. After checking out some of the latest tips at Digital Photography or some cool HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography at Stuck in Customs he has been inspired to get out into the world to learn about all that is out there to see.

So... welcome to Techie Teddy on this National Teddy Bear Day. All at A.O. would like to send out...

Best Wishes, Happy Ami...
    Techie Teddy, Picasso Bunny & Shannon

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms.
    To friends & family moms. To past, present & future moms. Especially to those who while they may not have given birth have stepped up selflessly & willingly to be the mom, whether it be step-, grandmother raising the kids, girlfriend to boyfriends kids, adopted, etc.
   May this day be beautiful and may you all be blessed.
Best Wishes.... and Happy-Ami,         Shannon

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Meet Paddington Bear

     Well now that he has been delivered to his new family I can post my version of the British Paddington Bear, based on the same line of childrens books. (you can follow the link to learn more about him). He has been completed for some time now, but I didn't want to post him until he arrived at his new home. The problem with me is that when it comes to mailing or shipping "anything" I am infamously late. I'd make tons of money off myself if I came up with a line of "belated" products. The even sadder part is that we actually do "shipping" out of my department at my "other" job. I know bad, bad Shannon. On the plus side though, when it comes to me actually being places I am usually always on time. LOL Go figure, I don't get it either.
     .... but back to Paddington Bear.
     I made Paddington for my friend Kathy's new little boy Bryden. I was looking for something that was different from the popular Pooh Bear and Mickey Mouse themes that many people have for their new babies. I picked Paddington for a number of reasons. 1.) He is based on a line of childrens books that is made for a wide range of ages and his "theme" could hold up for years to come. 2.) I'd swear to my parents if I wasn't certain that I was born here in the US, I'd think I could have been born a brit. (I guess that makes me an Anglophile then doesn't it?) and 3.) ... lets face it he is just so darned cute!!
      Well I do have to admit I put his color scheme together before I did all the research, but I did find out that it should be okay since different versions of the bear have been done in various colors throughout the years. Like most of my projects I used Vanna's Choice yarn for all the crochet work. There is some felt along with buttons in the details. I glued together with Fabric Fusion glue 2 layers of felt for the bottom of his yellow Wellingtons (rain boots). He also has ears under the hat. Some people seem to leave off the hidden details since they would be covered up anyway like with the hat, but I thought what if for some reason the hat becomes removed? Well then he would just look like and egg-headed creature wouldn't he, and well that just wouldn't be good.
       Once again like Hello Kitty, Paddington created spontaneously so there isn't a pattern to go with him.

Best Wishes to All... and Happy Ami,         Shannon

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blog Posting Reruns

Please forgive me, but I since moving blog locations I wanted a record of my previous blog postings from the old location. So here they are a little out of order from original postings and well some are obviously out of season.

Thank you for your understanding.

Well Wishes to All... and Happy Ami,       Shannon

Rudolph and More…

Rudolph and More…

Working on “tweaking” my Rudolph design. Lightened the color. Changed the eyes. This one is for a friend so they wanted the shorter legs.

My other project was to finish a second dachshund, as request by a friend of mine. They sent me photos of their 2 dogs. Since the first one looks very similar to on of their dogs her husband had asked her to have me make a second to resemble their other dog. So this one is lighter in color, slightly larger and longer in sizing.
Finally… Santa arrived early and I received my own T.J. (chihuahua). His name is Spenser and he is quite a handful. So, I am pretty sure chihuahuas will be next on the dog amigurumi list. Am working on housebreaking first though so he is getting quite a bit of my free amigurumi time.
Now that the holidays are almost here I am looking forward to them this year. I made a really cool amigurumi from a pattern, “I call the Pirate Dog”, that I got from Amigurumi Artist for my nephew for Christmas (shush… no one tell him… lol, lol). He’s just 3 so I don’t think there’s any chance he will see this. Earlier in the year I gave him a set of Koala Bears I made from one of Ana Paula Rimoli‘s book “Amigurumi Two!”. He really loved them so much I decided to make him the “Pirate Dog”. Once he get’s it I will post pictures.
That’s about all for now. Thanksgiving (US) is coming up this Thursday, so I have to make my traditional “pumpkin cheesecake” to take. Not sure how much work will get done during the week as my “day job” hours are kinda screwy.
Happy Holidays to All… and Merry Amigurumi… :-)

Rudolph and Clarise

Rudolph and Clarise

Getting inspired for the holidays here is Rudolph and Clarise inspired from the 1964 holiday classic cartoon Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.
I made both using the same pattern just using different colors. Clarise came out a bit smaller cause I think I used a smaller hook when I made her, but really that works out cause if you look at the picture of both of them together (see below) she is a bit smaller. I’m not entirely pleased with the eyelashes, they’re kinda bushy. Next time I might try embroidery floss instead. Didn’t put her bow on either.

All in all though I do think they came out cute and am happy with them. This is about my 3rd design that I have made the pattern up myself. Please let me know what you think.
Happy Holidays All, Shannon



Snoopy is one of my favorite characters. I like to joke that he has a multiple personality disorder. You can see him in the comics acting anywhere from the most widely known WWII Flying Ace or Joe Cool to the Easter Beagle or playing any of a number of sports from baseball to ice hockey or even tennis.
I made both of the designs above. The regular Snoopy on the left was made as a birthday request / gift for one of my friends. The WWII Flying Ace on the right (not to be confused with the Red Barron – who is actually his WWII foe) is one of my favorites of Snoopy’s personalities (Joe Cool is #2). This one if for me and I will be keeping it.



Some people are cat people, some are dog people… not me, I love them both. Now if you asked me about 5 years ago I would say that I liked big dogs over smaller ones though. That was until my parents got T.J. … a “small” light chocolate colored chihuahua. Well obviously this is not a chihuahua… it is a dachshund. Point being made now I think that all sizes of dogs deserve equal representation and this is the first of several designs that I am planning on doing.
This dachshund was a request by one of my vendor reps from work who had seen one of the other projects I was working on and immediately asked if I could make her a dachshund to add to her collection. This one is small, about 4.5″x6.25″. I’m not sure if future designs will continue to be small like this one, larger like the Snoopy I made or perhaps both. (Smaller dogs – smaller designs & larger dogs – larger designs) reflecting the real size differences in the breeds.
I e-mailed pictures to my friend and hope that she likes how it came out. I think it is very cute and just the start of many more to come. For now the dog designs will have to wait though cause I have been working on some things for the upcoming Christmas season. I think my next posting will have more on this and I hope my first pattern design available for sale.
Please leave me comments about what you think about my work. All input is welcome.
Thanks a lot, Shannon.

Stitch Marker

Stitch Marker

Crochet Stitch Marker
Got tired of using safety pins and other things as stitch markers when making my designs and I don’t really care for most of the ones available to purchase. I did see some that were made out of beads, but couldn’t see how the round ring on the end that they came with would work. They did not seem to have any opening on them.
Having made jewelry from beading before and looking for a better fastener (finally chose the lobster claw clasp), I decided I could make my own markers. It might be a little longer in length than I would have liked though. I have used it on a couple designs already and it is working out really well. I used blue beads cause it is my favorite color.
Hope you all have a Happy New Year, Shannon

Ami-wild Giraffe and Alley Kitty

Ami-wild Giraffe and Alley Kitty

Ami-wild Giraffe
For the holidays I gave out certificates to several of my friends allowing them to pick the type of amigurumi they wanted me to make for them. Previously I friends had chosen a penguin and a kitty. For this one my friend Sarah chose a giraffe. I have seen different versions of giraffes made. Many are really cute, but my favorite pictures of giraffes are when they are bent forward like when they are drinking water. That is what really shows how their legs are jointed in 2 different directions. That is what the primary inspiration for my Ami-wild version of a giraffe. I made the legs so that they can used for many different poses (see above). The legs were stuffed halfway then I stitched across so they would easily bend in the middle. I then stuffed the remainder of the way before attaching to the body. The spots are made with brown felt and are glued on with Aleen’s Okay to Wash It. I decided to use that glue when I first started making amigurumi in case with kids who have a tendency to get things dirty hopefully they would be able to hold up thru a possible washing (though I must admit I haven’t tested my hypothisis  :-)   ).

Alley Kitty
This kitty is made using the same pattern as my calico kitty. I liked this natural ivory yarn with flecks of brown, rust & blacks in it and after making the pattern for the calico kitty(see below)  I needed to test it and thought this yarn would make a good cat. I then brushed him when completed to give a “fuzzy” look which I must admit didn’t come out exactly like I had thought. This one came out more “alley” than “furry”. For now I am thinking about keeping this one for myself cause I do think he is kinda cute. Just hope I can keep him away from Spenser or he might end up looking more “alley” than he already does.

Calico Kitty
Hope everyone is having a good start to the new year and …
Happy-Ami, Shannon

“Busted” Kitten

“Busted” Kitten

This cute little kitten has gotten caught doing what kittens do best…. getting into mischief. Having got caught after getting into the yarn basket the only thing that could be said is that he is now “busted”.

“Meow”, It’s Hello Kitty!!!

“Meow”, It’s Hello Kitty!!!

Hello Kitty
Mom works with someone who collects Hello Kitty and wanted me to make one that she could give her co-worker for her birthday.
I actually don’t know much about Hello Kitty (Snoopy is really my thing), so I had to refer to the web for help. I found that there are several different looks and she is usually either pink & white or red & white. I liked the pink best so you can see here how she came out. She is about 11″ high and I must admit my favorite part is actually the bow on her head.
For all you Hello Kitty lovers you can click on the link here and go to her “official” website. Hello Kitty is a fictional character, full name “White Kitty”, produced by the Japanese company Sanrio. She was first designed by Yuko Shimizu. Here you can read all about her and many of the other characters they have.
For all you Hello Kitty lovers out there, I hope I did her justice.
Well Wishes to All… & Happy Amigurumi,    Shannon
FYI: Since Hello Kitty is really a copyrighted character I did not make up a pattern and she is not available for sale.