Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Meet Henry Turkey

     Hi there. This is Henry Turkey and he is the newest addition to the A.O. family. His pattern is now available on both my Etsy and Ravelry sites.
     I wasn't initially going to make a turkey. I cannot really tell you why except to say that I had already gotten into working on my Christmas ornament designs and pattern and my brain just hadn't gotten into it. But I was working on them during a break at my "day job" and several of my friends asked when I was going to make a turkey. Since they have all watched my amigurumi obsession grow over the last year+ they are getting used to all the new designs that I've worked on. 
     I am just getting used to trying to having my designs and patterns completed and ready in time for a holiday schedule. My brain thinking is still kind of on regular calendar time. I am having to train it to be on an earlier "designer" schedule so people can have the patterns in time to actually make the products for the holiday.
     Henry does have a cousin who should be coming to visit soon. Don't really think he will be available in pattern form though, but is an idea I have to do.

     I think my friends and family are finally getting used to the fact that this ami thing is probably not going away anytime soon. As I figured out a long time ago absolutely none of my friends or family have the same interests I do. So the fact that I still get "whats that?" when I tell someone about my amigurumi designing hobby/obsession is something I am getting used to.

.... Welcome to Hobby Lobby

     I also have to mention that I am just thrilled that we have a new Hobby Lobby that has come to our area. I have been using acrylic yarn for my designs but having tried cotton yarn (that I had to order online) I am wanting to do more with it. While there is 1 local yarn store it is way out of my way and the other crafting stores are stocked with mostly acrylic and wool. While their selection is "slowly" evolving I have found that Hobby Lobby has a very large selection of yarn (including their own "I Love This Cotton Yarn"). So now I do not have to go online for my last minute ideas. When I think it , I like to go get it and get started. So thank you!!! They are expanding a lot right now so if they come to your area I would highly recommend checking them out. I believe in supporting all my favorite craft stores so I also quite frequently go to Beverly's Crafts also. (I nice that they are right next to my work also.) They've always been really good to me too (... and I've been doing their copies at my "day job" for more years than I can mention). Hobby Lobby is family though so I am glad they are here now. Apparently lots of other people are too cause the parking lot is usually always full.

Happy Holidays to all and Merry Ami,      Shannon
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