Saturday, May 21, 2011

National Teddy Bear Day - Meet Techie Teddy

     Everyone meet the newest addition to the A.O. family. His name is Techie Teddy and I though what better day to introduce him to all than National Teddy Bear Day.
     Techie loves all kinds of technological things. One of his favorite ways to spend time is sitting at the keyboard in front of the computer as you can see above. Some of the sites he likes to spend time on are checking out all the cool, nerdie gadgets at and along with learning new computer tips from (after of course checking out what his fellow ami's are up to at the favorite links on A.O. ).

     Techie has also just recently gotten into photography too. After checking out some of the latest tips at Digital Photography or some cool HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography at Stuck in Customs he has been inspired to get out into the world to learn about all that is out there to see.

So... welcome to Techie Teddy on this National Teddy Bear Day. All at A.O. would like to send out...

Best Wishes, Happy Ami...
    Techie Teddy, Picasso Bunny & Shannon
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