Saturday, April 23, 2011

Meet "Picasso" the fastener Bunny

     Well he is finally finished. Meet Picasso my Fastener Bunny. First I would like to thank Teresa from Konigotes for the name.Once the beret and scarf were put on him I knew that the name was perfect.

     I had initially designed and created him to give away, but I decided instead that he would make a perfect "mascot" for the Amigurumi Obsession blog. So I guess that means he will find a home next to Snoopy WWII Flying Ace the only other of my designs that I have decided to keep. 

     The reason he is called a "fastener" bunny is that he has all kinds of fasteners that are made to teach little kids how to snap (the wrist wrap), button (lapels on the vest), Velcro (on the scarf), zip (front of the vest) and lace& tie (under layer of the vest). The idea comes from the Playskool line of "Activity" dolls. I loved the idea and thought it would make a good Amigurumi.

     As for the Tony Stewart poster. Well I took the pictures at work and thought that the poster would make just as good a background as anything else. So now yes, I guess you could say that Picasso is "Smoke" fan too. 

Happy Easter to all.... and Happy Ami,        Shannon

Monday, April 18, 2011

W.I.P. Fastener Bunny (no name yet)

     This is one of the projects I've been working on that is turning out to become a little more detailed than I had anticipated. My inspiration is from those "fastener" dolls, you know the ones that teach little kids to use snaps, buttons & zippers. How to lace and tie & use Velcro fasteners. I love the concept of the doll, but they are just so ugly (no offense meant to PlaySkool, who usually puts them out).

     So far my bunny is going to have snaps on the wrist warmer & the scarf Velcro's. The vest will have button down lapels, lace & tie under layer and a zipper front. I am not going to put "hooks" on it cause the pieces are so very small and pointy I don't think they should go on a kids toy. The blue beret and brown booties are just a part of the outfit for now.

     I was intending on making the bunny as a gift to give away, but I just might send him to their nana & papa's (grandparents) so that he/she will be available for more that one kid to use.

     Now you all can help me out cause the bunny does not have a name yet, and I haven't even decided if it will be a girl or a boy. I would appreciate any suggestions that you can give me. Just post to the comments below. I will post the final choice and give credit to the person when I post the completed bunny pictures to my blog. Please help me out here. :-)

Hoppy Easter.... and Happy Ami,            Shannon

Easter Chick & Bunny in an Egg ???

(a Fresh Stitches CAL Easter 2011 activity)

     From time to time Stacey Trock at Fresh Stitches will do a CAL or "Crochet-A-Long" where several people will work on the same project together from one of her patterns. Here are pictures of my contributions to this years Easter CAL.

     The chick above is from her pattern "Russ the Chick in an Egg". (the pattern can be purchased from her site . It is super easy and quick to make. I really loved the creativity of making it reversible. I made up my own Easter Bunny using the same pattern for the base. Not quite sure what happened though to make the egg look more "cone head-ish" on the bunny's egg. Stacey does have a bunny version of the egg available thru her website though along with lots of other wonderful cute patterns.

      I think these are going to find their way to some Easter baskets of some "little ones" that I know. I am going to have to make at least 1 more so that everyone can have one though.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter and .... Happy Ami,            Shannon