Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Francisco Frog, Ducky & the USA Bunny

WIP Wednesday

    My current WIP (works in progress) are for the "new" Ami 4ur Pup line I have been designing. On the right is the duckie (no name yet) who is about 6" long and is completed. On the left is Francisco Frog the current project I am working on. One of the guys I work with wanted me to name one of my ami's after him. Since his name is Francisco I had broken down the choices to a fox, falcon or frog. Okay so maybe the frog isn't the "coolest" one of the 3 options, but I do think he is coming out pretty cute. Both designs contain the "squeakers" that make noise when you squeese them. They are also made to be "pup friendly" sizes (i.e. dogs and puppies can get a hold of them with their mouth). Still working with squeaker placement though. You wouldn't think that, that would be all that a big a deal. But if it isn't placed in the right spot it makes squeaking a little more difficult.

USA Bunny

     The other project that I just finished was a request from a friend (Emi) for a white bunny. After starting the bunny I decided I would do one wearing a sweater and scarf so using Emi's favorite color red I started with the red & white star fabric I used in the ears. This is the first time I have used fabric. Usually I use felt but wanted to try something a little different this time. Since the bunny is red white & blue and has stars on it I thought that it fit perfectly into a patriotic / USA theme. Emi's dad is in the military too so I thought the patriotic idea appropriate.

Best Wishes to All.... and Happy Ami,                        Shannon

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pinterest - More Than a Fancy Bulletin Board

    Recently I have discovered the site Pinterest. For those unfamiliar with what Pinterest is it could be described in it's simplicity as a fancy, electronic bulletin board. But in working to try and find ways to make my blogging and foundling amigurumi designing better I came across this wonderful article on the Handmade Success blog by guest blogger Bettie. In the article "Organize Your Online Content with Pinterest" (click link to read article in it's entirety - recommended) it talks about more of the possible ways the site can be used other than just another online time sucker.
    The thing I initially loved about Pinterest is that it was a great place to visually organize any of the ideas that I would find online. Much better than cutting & pasting to Word as I had been doing. I look to those ideas when I am looking for that spark of inspiration that we creative types sometimes need to get our "juices flowing" when we are getting a new project started. I love that it is quick, easy and I can leave my own notes or comments for when I go back.
    Even better you can follow others boards and repin them to your own. As you repin you will also start to notice that others become interested in the boards you've created and might start to follow you in return.
    So I recommend checking out the article by Bettie and if you can even check out my Pinterest boards if you haven't heard of it before and just want to check it out.

Best wishes to all ... and Happy Ami,            Shannon

Monday, August 8, 2011

Porter Penguin & Ami 4ur Pup

Porter Penguin
    Meet Porter Penguin the newest addition to the A.O. family of designs. The meaning of Porter is door keeper or gatekeeper and I thought he was a little stocky so I thought it would be a fitting name until he reaches his new daddy who can give him the name he wants. Porter stands about 8" high and is a slightly larger version of a penguin named Percy who hangs around with me guarding keys. Hopefully I should have the pattern of him done soon so I can add to my Etsy and Ravelry sites.

Ami 4ur Pup

    Have been thinking about making a line of amigurumi for people and their pups. I must admit that the idea has been brought up to me before but I never really gave it much thought before now. I've been looking for a way to be creative and unique in my designs.
    Recently I gave my friend Wanda a completed set of the turtle/tortoise since she collects turtles. Since she loved them so much she was quite distressed the next time I talked to her when she wanted to tell me what had happened to them. She had put them up on a shelf in a closet until she had decided where she was going to put them out at. One day she noticed that both of her dogs Boo boo and Tyke were paying extra attention to the closet. When investigating what had them so entranced, especially the younger one Tyke she had noticed that he had somehow gotten a hold of them. Taking them away she moved them to the dresser in the bedroom. It was then that Tyke proceeded to go lay on the bed where he could stare at the turtle & tortoise and wine until Wanda finally gave in and let Tyke have them. Tyke is after all one of her babies. I just had to laugh, since I actually thought it was adorable. The thing that has surprised Wanda the most is that Tyke no longer wants to play with his other toys. (She did try to go out and get him something new also, but he was not having it. No way!) He and Boo Boo share all their toys, but Boo Boo is not allowed to play with either the turtle or tortoise. Tyke will growl if Boo Boo tries. He also will not "chew" on them. Instead he likes to lay on them with his front paws. (Go figure!)

    So that got me started again in thinking about the ami line of doggie toys. I really want to know what you all think of the idea.  Ya :-) - good idea     (or)     Na :-( - not so good

Have a wonderful day and Happy Ami,           Shannon