Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pinterest - More Than a Fancy Bulletin Board

    Recently I have discovered the site Pinterest. For those unfamiliar with what Pinterest is it could be described in it's simplicity as a fancy, electronic bulletin board. But in working to try and find ways to make my blogging and foundling amigurumi designing better I came across this wonderful article on the Handmade Success blog by guest blogger Bettie. In the article "Organize Your Online Content with Pinterest" (click link to read article in it's entirety - recommended) it talks about more of the possible ways the site can be used other than just another online time sucker.
    The thing I initially loved about Pinterest is that it was a great place to visually organize any of the ideas that I would find online. Much better than cutting & pasting to Word as I had been doing. I look to those ideas when I am looking for that spark of inspiration that we creative types sometimes need to get our "juices flowing" when we are getting a new project started. I love that it is quick, easy and I can leave my own notes or comments for when I go back.
    Even better you can follow others boards and repin them to your own. As you repin you will also start to notice that others become interested in the boards you've created and might start to follow you in return.
    So I recommend checking out the article by Bettie and if you can even check out my Pinterest boards if you haven't heard of it before and just want to check it out.

Best wishes to all ... and Happy Ami,            Shannon
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