Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Francisco Frog, Ducky & the USA Bunny

WIP Wednesday

    My current WIP (works in progress) are for the "new" Ami 4ur Pup line I have been designing. On the right is the duckie (no name yet) who is about 6" long and is completed. On the left is Francisco Frog the current project I am working on. One of the guys I work with wanted me to name one of my ami's after him. Since his name is Francisco I had broken down the choices to a fox, falcon or frog. Okay so maybe the frog isn't the "coolest" one of the 3 options, but I do think he is coming out pretty cute. Both designs contain the "squeakers" that make noise when you squeese them. They are also made to be "pup friendly" sizes (i.e. dogs and puppies can get a hold of them with their mouth). Still working with squeaker placement though. You wouldn't think that, that would be all that a big a deal. But if it isn't placed in the right spot it makes squeaking a little more difficult.

USA Bunny

     The other project that I just finished was a request from a friend (Emi) for a white bunny. After starting the bunny I decided I would do one wearing a sweater and scarf so using Emi's favorite color red I started with the red & white star fabric I used in the ears. This is the first time I have used fabric. Usually I use felt but wanted to try something a little different this time. Since the bunny is red white & blue and has stars on it I thought that it fit perfectly into a patriotic / USA theme. Emi's dad is in the military too so I thought the patriotic idea appropriate.

Best Wishes to All.... and Happy Ami,                        Shannon
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