Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Truffle the Valentine's Pig


Some pigs can find mushroom truffles...


... this pig finds "chocolate" truffles. 
       Meet Truffle the Valentines Pig. He (or she) has a unique talent. Truffle is the only pig who instead of being able to sniff out mushroom truffles is able to find "chocolate" truffles.
     Truffle has his own basket with 4 (zero calorie) truffles in it. The basket is sized where if you want you could switch out the ami-truffles for 3-4 real chocolate ones to make Truffle a truly unique gift for the one you love.

     The pattern is available from both my etsy and ravelry links (above) and has instructions to make Truffle and all the "optional" accessories such as the bow, hat, basket and truffles.

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