Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Easter Bunny & Ballerina Bunny

Easter Bunny

(side view)
    Easter is almost here and everyone should have their very own Easter Bunny. This bunny is pretty big standing at about 16" inches high (when using a 7 mm hook). I used buttons on the arms to give him that old doll style feel, but they can be attached just like the legs if someone wanted to. 

(back view)
     When making the legs I thought that the feet were the perfect shape to be ballerina toe shoes. So using the same pattern you can see how you can get a totally different look using only different colors and a few embellishments. I used ribbon which I just threaded thru the top of the shoes then wrapped and tied at the back.

Ballerina Bunny
     To make the different parts of the bunny "pose-able" I have been experimenting with different things to help hold shape. Here I used them in the ears and on the legs of the ballerina. Still working on that and not quite satisfied with the results so that will be a topic for the a future posting.
Ballerina Toe Shoes
      Stacey from Fresh Stitches has gotten me hooked on crocheting in the back loop, so I have been finding that the work I've been doing lately has been about 50/50 back loop & traditional (front & back loop) depending on the look I am trying for. If you notice on the toe shoes, I used the traditional single stitch for the shoes (bright pink) as I wanted a smoother look. Then I switched to the back loop when I got to the actual bunny itself because I wanted more of a texture. 

     The only thing not included in the pattern is the skirt which I just made up spontaneously. Really all it is is several rows of single stitch connected together at the back and cinched together at the top to fit the waist.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful 2012 so far... best wishes & happy ami,    Shannon

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