Thursday, March 22, 2012

Meet the Easter Eggettes

The Easter Eggettes

Baby Chick Bunny Eggette
   This year I am participating again in the Easter CAL sporsored by FreshStitches. Click on the link to learn more. If you do not know a CAL (or Crochet-A-Long) is where a theme is choosen, a couple patterns picked and then all participants get to put their own spin to them. 
Baby Bluebird Eggette
    I have been creating an extensive family of ami's all with egg shaped bodies. They are the Eggette's.
    I loved the idea of taking the one body shape and trying to see how many different designs I could come up with.
    Family members so far are Baby Bluebird, Baby Chick with his attempt to become the 2012 Cadbury Bunny, then there are the twin baby bunnies. 
Pink Baby Bunny Eggette
Baby Bunny Eggette
    The Eggette's love getting together to celebrate the Easter holiday and the beginning of Spring. More and more family members are constantly joining them to get in on the fun.

    Best wishes for a "beautiful" Spring and Happy Ami,     Shannon
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