Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A.O. 2012 Year in Review Collage

Here is a roundup from most of my 2012 A.O. designs

A.O's 2012 Year in Review Collage
(left to right / top to bottom)

* Truffle the Pig - some turtles hunt mushroom, this one hunts chocolate truffles, Valentine's Day
* Bunny, Easter
* Ballerina Bunny, from Easter Bunny pattern
* Easter Eggettes - made all my Easter designs with egg shaped bodies
* April 1st - yes, pigs can fly
* MFA - Rex T-Rex, baby safe My First Ami (amigurumi line made to be baby safe)
* MFA - Dani Donkey, baby safe My First Ami
* Dani Donkey -girl / boy, breast cancer awareness fundraiser & MFA
* Mortimer Hippo, wildlife (continuation from my list of wildlife ami's)
* Polly the Water Polo Pony, my entry for Ravelry's 2012 Olympic Games Challenge
* Harley / Captain Ameri-Ami Pig, super-hero USA pig
* Disney's Mickey Mouse & Tinkerbell, for Dad by request
* Bears, the - siezure, panda, teddy &  Pirate Bear Bob, same pattern w/ multiple results
* Cartoon versions of A.O. characters
* Sparkey from Frankenweeny, special request
* Apple Brown Betty Bunny, incomplete design finished with fedora hat
* Minion from Despicible Me, special request
* Simon the Meerkat, next wildlife design
* Mixed Media Turtle, in partnership with Christopher Klawonn (ami base & wooden shell)
* Binkey Saver / Pacifier Clips (not shown)

Sorry it has been a while between posts. The last couple months have been kind of crazy. Hope the end of 2012 finds you all doing well and I look forward to a wonderful 2013. Stay tuned here too because shortly I will be having a CAL contest with a wonderful prize for the winning design. I am still working out the details since it will be my first one. I was thinking about something winter themed. Leave me your comments below if you have any ideas you have or what you would like to do.

Welcome to 2013 and Happy Ami, Shannon
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