Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Chick & Bunny in an Egg ???

(a Fresh Stitches CAL Easter 2011 activity)

     From time to time Stacey Trock at Fresh Stitches will do a CAL or "Crochet-A-Long" where several people will work on the same project together from one of her patterns. Here are pictures of my contributions to this years Easter CAL.

     The chick above is from her pattern "Russ the Chick in an Egg". (the pattern can be purchased from her site . It is super easy and quick to make. I really loved the creativity of making it reversible. I made up my own Easter Bunny using the same pattern for the base. Not quite sure what happened though to make the egg look more "cone head-ish" on the bunny's egg. Stacey does have a bunny version of the egg available thru her website though along with lots of other wonderful cute patterns.

      I think these are going to find their way to some Easter baskets of some "little ones" that I know. I am going to have to make at least 1 more so that everyone can have one though.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter and .... Happy Ami,            Shannon

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