Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Meet Paddington Bear

     Well now that he has been delivered to his new family I can post my version of the British Paddington Bear, based on the same line of childrens books. (you can follow the link to learn more about him). He has been completed for some time now, but I didn't want to post him until he arrived at his new home. The problem with me is that when it comes to mailing or shipping "anything" I am infamously late. I'd make tons of money off myself if I came up with a line of "belated" products. The even sadder part is that we actually do "shipping" out of my department at my "other" job. I know bad, bad Shannon. On the plus side though, when it comes to me actually being places I am usually always on time. LOL Go figure, I don't get it either.
     .... but back to Paddington Bear.
     I made Paddington for my friend Kathy's new little boy Bryden. I was looking for something that was different from the popular Pooh Bear and Mickey Mouse themes that many people have for their new babies. I picked Paddington for a number of reasons. 1.) He is based on a line of childrens books that is made for a wide range of ages and his "theme" could hold up for years to come. 2.) I'd swear to my parents if I wasn't certain that I was born here in the US, I'd think I could have been born a brit. (I guess that makes me an Anglophile then doesn't it?) and 3.) ... lets face it he is just so darned cute!!
      Well I do have to admit I put his color scheme together before I did all the research, but I did find out that it should be okay since different versions of the bear have been done in various colors throughout the years. Like most of my projects I used Vanna's Choice yarn for all the crochet work. There is some felt along with buttons in the details. I glued together with Fabric Fusion glue 2 layers of felt for the bottom of his yellow Wellingtons (rain boots). He also has ears under the hat. Some people seem to leave off the hidden details since they would be covered up anyway like with the hat, but I thought what if for some reason the hat becomes removed? Well then he would just look like and egg-headed creature wouldn't he, and well that just wouldn't be good.
       Once again like Hello Kitty, Paddington created spontaneously so there isn't a pattern to go with him.

Best Wishes to All... and Happy Ami,         Shannon
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