Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ami-wild Giraffe and Alley Kitty

Ami-wild Giraffe and Alley Kitty

Ami-wild Giraffe
For the holidays I gave out certificates to several of my friends allowing them to pick the type of amigurumi they wanted me to make for them. Previously I friends had chosen a penguin and a kitty. For this one my friend Sarah chose a giraffe. I have seen different versions of giraffes made. Many are really cute, but my favorite pictures of giraffes are when they are bent forward like when they are drinking water. That is what really shows how their legs are jointed in 2 different directions. That is what the primary inspiration for my Ami-wild version of a giraffe. I made the legs so that they can used for many different poses (see above). The legs were stuffed halfway then I stitched across so they would easily bend in the middle. I then stuffed the remainder of the way before attaching to the body. The spots are made with brown felt and are glued on with Aleen’s Okay to Wash It. I decided to use that glue when I first started making amigurumi in case with kids who have a tendency to get things dirty hopefully they would be able to hold up thru a possible washing (though I must admit I haven’t tested my hypothisis  :-)   ).

Alley Kitty
This kitty is made using the same pattern as my calico kitty. I liked this natural ivory yarn with flecks of brown, rust & blacks in it and after making the pattern for the calico kitty(see below)  I needed to test it and thought this yarn would make a good cat. I then brushed him when completed to give a “fuzzy” look which I must admit didn’t come out exactly like I had thought. This one came out more “alley” than “furry”. For now I am thinking about keeping this one for myself cause I do think he is kinda cute. Just hope I can keep him away from Spenser or he might end up looking more “alley” than he already does.

Calico Kitty
Hope everyone is having a good start to the new year and …
Happy-Ami, Shannon
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