Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rudolph and More…

Rudolph and More…

Working on “tweaking” my Rudolph design. Lightened the color. Changed the eyes. This one is for a friend so they wanted the shorter legs.

My other project was to finish a second dachshund, as request by a friend of mine. They sent me photos of their 2 dogs. Since the first one looks very similar to on of their dogs her husband had asked her to have me make a second to resemble their other dog. So this one is lighter in color, slightly larger and longer in sizing.
Finally… Santa arrived early and I received my own T.J. (chihuahua). His name is Spenser and he is quite a handful. So, I am pretty sure chihuahuas will be next on the dog amigurumi list. Am working on housebreaking first though so he is getting quite a bit of my free amigurumi time.
Now that the holidays are almost here I am looking forward to them this year. I made a really cool amigurumi from a pattern, “I call the Pirate Dog”, that I got from Amigurumi Artist for my nephew for Christmas (shush… no one tell him… lol, lol). He’s just 3 so I don’t think there’s any chance he will see this. Earlier in the year I gave him a set of Koala Bears I made from one of Ana Paula Rimoli‘s book “Amigurumi Two!”. He really loved them so much I decided to make him the “Pirate Dog”. Once he get’s it I will post pictures.
That’s about all for now. Thanksgiving (US) is coming up this Thursday, so I have to make my traditional “pumpkin cheesecake” to take. Not sure how much work will get done during the week as my “day job” hours are kinda screwy.
Happy Holidays to All… and Merry Amigurumi… :-)
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